Very Cool Art Journal

IMG_0513When I did the painting workshop with Martinho Correia, one of the other attendees had done a very cool art journal workshop the previous week and brought her journal to show us.

And I LOVED it, so I snapped a bunch of pics with my handy-dandy iPhone (in Airplane mode so I don’t needlessly radiate myself!) so I could share them with you.

Here’s the box she made to keep the journal in:

IMG_0530Here’s the front of the book and see how each of the pages is a different length and shape:

IMG_0506Look at the little pouches she made – each of which hold different cards and messages. The cards are connected with key rings or chains:

IMG_0525Another great little pouch full of goodies with beautiful ribbons tied on and connected with silken cord:

IMG_0527A few more of my favorite pages:


IMG_0520The back of the book:

IMG_0507Thanks Betty for sharing your treasure with us!



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