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Figurative Oil Painting Demo with Joseph Larusso – Real Time!

Check out this demo from Joseph Larusso if you want to get looser with your oil portrait painting!

Joseph Larusso demonstrates in real-time his unique figurative oil painting technique (big fan of Sargent) and how he mixes the colors on his palette. If you want to get looser with your portrait painting, then Larusso’s style is a great one to mimic.

I purposely left this demo in real-time, rather than speeding it up, or just showing his painting in progressive stages, so that even beginners can gather enough information to implement this style! Plus, as an artist, I really enjoy seeing exactly how other artists work: how long do they take? How do they hold their brush when mixing colors? How long do they think about things? How do they apply paint to their canvas or board – do they skip all over, or do it in sections?

If you simply LOVE his palette colors, then see my other video where Larusso shows you exactly which colors he has on his palette and which brands of paint he uses for each.

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