Illustration – For Books, Videos or Magazines

Kelly Ulrich is my long-time art mentor and although she can paint pretty much anything, I especially LOVE her illustrations.

So much so, that I hired her to do the illustrations for my upcoming Murray The Shark video (will post here again when it’s live!).

Odelia Octopus - From Murray The Shark Sleeptime Stories

She’s also currently working on a children’s book for me, called, What If I Get Lost? This is a common fear among young children, but I’m going to deal with it in an uncommon way. I’m going to get into the spiritual side of things and the solution to that root-level saboteur of not feeling safe in the world – and what we can do about it. Exciting times ahead!

Kelly is available for commissions of illustrations, acrylic, or oil paintings and she is very reasonably priced and such a sweetheart! You can contact her directly through her website.


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