How To Prepare The Quickest Artist Bio EVER!

Okay, so it is mere hours before I head off to see my painting auctioned.

I prepare the Certificate of Authenticity and as I’m putting it in the envelope, I think, hmmm… looks kind of lonely in there…

Plus, what if the buyer’s friends want to know who did that amazing new painting on their wall? : )

So I whipped this up in – no kidding – 10 minutes using Pages on my iMac:

Artist-bioIsn’t that great?! I simply:

1. Copied all the text needed from my website. Pasted text into TextEdit (or Notepad) –> make Plain Text to remove all formatting.

2. Then copy/pasted the text and dropped it right into the Modern Newsletter template in Pages (on Mac).

3. Dragged over a painting of mine that already matched the existing color scheme and dropped it into the image box and voila!

Now you have no excuses — get going on yours!


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