Figurative Oil Painting Demo with Joseph Larusso – Real Time!

Check out this demo from Joseph Larusso if you want to get looser with your oil portrait painting!

Joseph Larusso demonstrates in real-time his unique figurative oil painting technique (big fan of Sargent) and how he mixes the colors on his palette. If you want to get looser with your portrait painting, then Larusso’s style is a great one to mimic.

I purposely left this demo in real-time, rather than speeding it up, or just showing his painting in progressive stages, so that even beginners can gather enough information to implement this style! Plus, as an artist, I really enjoy seeing exactly how other artists work: how long do they take? How do they hold their brush when mixing colors? How long do they think about things? How do they apply paint to their canvas or board – do they skip all over, or do it in sections?

If you simply LOVE his palette colors, then see my other video where Larusso shows you exactly which colors he has on his palette and which brands of paint he uses for each.


4 thoughts on “Figurative Oil Painting Demo with Joseph Larusso – Real Time!

  1. Thank you Jini for sharing the video and I discovered your blog yesterday while browsing youtube so thank you so much for sharing!

  2. Hi Nikita, you’re very welcome and I LOVE your “small paintings in oil”! As for the marketing side of your art, you’re doing a lot of things right (I’m referring to this site:

    – you have a great tagline
    – your paintings are easy to see, scroll, and easy to purchase
    – you’re easy to contact and your site has a welcoming and open feel to it

    However, as someone who’s made a very good living online for the last 14 years (, I would also like to see you make a few small tweaks.

    And I’m talking about your blogspot site – which is actually better for making sales than your Weebly site. Yes, I know your Weebly site “looks” better and more “professional” – but it also looks the same as 100’s of other artist websites and it is very un-user-friendly in terms of finding out pricing, or buying a piece.

    So until you are ready to pay for your own WordPress-based site, with your own domain name, hosting etc. I would focus on pushing your blogspot site, with these tweaks:

    – put your paintings in order from MOST expensive, to least expensive. When positioning any offer, always start with the big price first.

    – don’t worry about categorizing them, just put them (like you already have) in one big scroll-down list. Add the ones that are currently missing.

    – offer something useful or enjoyable to your site visitors to start building an email list. Then when you have a new painting, you have an automated email system that sends it out to your entire email list with one SEND. Chances are, someone who bought from you last year, or a few months ago is at that moment wondering what gift to give their Mom for her birthday, or sister’s housewarming, etc.

    – change your bio on the right-hand side. Keep the same open, friendly tone, but don’t make it look like you’re “playing” at being an artist. For example, change this:

    My name is Nikita Sonavadekar and I love to paint. I am also a mother of two living with my loving husband in sunny Florida, USA. As of March 2013 I have started this journal of oil painting to pursue my artistic aspirations. My goal is to be able to paint everyday, right now I paint as often as I can.

    To read:

    My name is Nikita Sonavadekar and I love to paint. I try to paint – even just a bit of creativity – every single day. I love [ fill in the blanks here ]. My art makes me feel [ fill in the blanks here]. I am also a mother of two living with my loving husband in sunny Florida, USA.

    Try those tweaks and you’ll see an upswing in sales – as long as you have people coming to your site, of course!

    I would also test if offering your paintings on canvas with 1.5″ sides makes any difference in sales. I realize the cost difference to the 1/8″ panels is significant, but I also wonder if your ‘potential customer’ realizes that with the 1/8″ panel, they’re also going to need to buy a frame (may be a barrier to purchasing). And for ones you do on the deep side canvas, you can also add a note to the listing: “No framing needed, ready to hang!”

    If you order something like this, you could definitely afford to test a few and see if it makes a difference:

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    I’m going to be giving people on that list a lot of free stuff to help you get going and turn your top passion into an automated, online business that earns you money while you’re taking care of your kids, or on holiday, etc. So I think it would be ideal for you, even if you just get the free stuff.

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