Very Cool Art Journal

IMG_0513When I did the painting workshop with Martinho Correia, one of the other attendees had done a very cool art journal workshop the previous week and brought her journal to show us.

And I LOVED it, so I snapped a bunch of pics with my handy-dandy iPhone (in Airplane mode so I don’t needlessly radiate myself!) so I could share them with you.

Here’s the box she made to keep the journal in:

IMG_0530Here’s the front of the book and see how each of the pages is a different length and shape:

IMG_0506Look at the little pouches she made – each of which hold different cards and messages. The cards are connected with key rings or chains:

IMG_0525Another great little pouch full of goodies with beautiful ribbons tied on and connected with silken cord:

IMG_0527A few more of my favorite pages:


IMG_0520The back of the book:

IMG_0507Thanks Betty for sharing your treasure with us!


It’s That Time Again… Rare Finds Auction

Tonight I’m heading off to this year’s annual fundraiser for the Rare Disease Foundation and I was so to-the-wire finishing the painting for the event that I’m picking it up from the scanner’s on my way to the gala!!

However, I believe it is worth the wait/rush/stress.

I’ll be posting soon with a detailed video on how I did the layering and glazing for this unique piece – a sunset seascape called Sweet Dreams. Here’s the painting listed in the catalog:

rare-finds-2013-jpt-arrowHere are some of the other amazing items up for auction:

  • Catered dinner for eight in your home, without lifting a finger – The Butler Did It Catering will do all the work, including cooking, serving and cleaning up!
  • Make your own long weekend on a luxury houseboat on the Shushwap, kindly provided by Twin Anchors
  • Double Magnum of 2010 Nota Bene, expertly crafted by Black Hills Winery
  • A three night stay at the beautiful Clayoquot Wilderness Resort – Remote. Refined. Remarkable.
  • Experience the wind in your hair while driving a Maserati for a weekend adventure!
    Learn how to be a cowboy! Stay at our favourite DUDE RANCH, Silver Spur Trails!
  • A signed script by a local favourite show, Once Upon a Time – the episode when the spell is broken.
  • Sleep in luxury, German silk sheets from St.Geneve.
  • Double Magnum of 2010 Merlot, a crowd favourite by Burrowing Owl
  • A favourite getaway package – fly via Orca Airways to Tofino and stay at the beautiful Long Beach Lodge Resort, experience Top Chef Joel Aubie at Shelter Restaurant and learn to surf at Tofino Surf School

Now I just have to figure out what to wear…

Rare Disease Foundation Auction

This year’s 2012 Rare Finds auction gala for the Rare Disease Foundation was a blast! I was very sad to see my Dragon Pearls painting go, but pleased that it helped raise some money for a very good cause.

Top Vancouver chefs competed in a sort of friendly iron chef scenario at the top floor of the Ferrari Maserati showroom (see the Ferrari behind me?) and the food was truly superb! One of my favorites, the Pulled Yak Mini Taco – Organic Tibetan Yak Raised in Merritt, BC, Braised in Chocolate Porter, by Louis Simard from Fairmont Hotel Vancouver won runner-up. My other favorites included a prawn galette and a white chocolate passionfruit truffle. However, there was also a duck with candied pistachios and persimmon and chicken on mixed slaw that were truly outstanding. Did I mention the frothy leek and chanterelle soup with foie gras marshmallows?

Rare Finds was able to surpass its target to raise over $115,000 at this year’s event. Most of these funds will be distributed within three weeks of the event to awardees in their current microgrant competition and immediately begin giving hope and help to children suffering with rare diseases.