Art Journaling Bookclub!

So I have a lively bookclub, with a great group of gals… but somehow it just wasn’t ENOUGH to get everyone out consistently in the evening. Out of 6 of us, only 3 or 4 would show up each month.

For myself, I always found it hard to get the kids seen to and also felt like going nowhere by 6 pm, the only thing that appealed to me was moving the household towards bedtime!

Then, not everyone would have the book read… sound familiar?

But all that has changed and I feel inspired and excited… because now instead of just a bookclub, we’re going to have an Art Journaling Bookclub. One of our members, Susan Wade, is a super-talented  mixed media artist and art teacher, so she will be guiding us on this exciting journey.

We’re going to start by discussing, exploring and art journaling one chapter each month of Brene Brown’s latest, Daring Greatly. I’ll post photos here as we go along.

Currently, there are artists who have created online art journaling courses based around a particular book, like this one using the book, Fabulous Friendship Festival by SARK. But I’m trying to convince Susan to create a guide to this process for other bookclubs to use with any book they choose – wouldn’t that be exciting?

Perhaps this is an idea you can swipe and use if your own bookclub is flagging. Stay tuned…


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