About JPT

Self Portrait in Oil

JPT (Jini Patel Thompson) was born in Nairobi, Kenya and has lived and worked in Canada, Japan, England and Singapore. Her multi-racial background and continual exposure to new cultures brings a global perspective to her artwork.

Jini loves to express her passion and energy for life through the use of movement, colors and close cropping. The technique, medium, or subject matter is not so important, it is whether you feel something, or are drawn in, by looking at the canvas. Whether her art makes you feel vibrant, energized, peaceful, joyful, contemplative, or inquisitive – Jini’s art not so much about what it IS, but about how it makes you feel.

Although Jini first began to develop her art in Tokyo, it wasn’t until she settled in White Rock, BC – between the craggy mountains and soothing sea – that her art began to flourish and she established her own studio.

Jini is available to paint landscapes, seascapes, portraits, or totems (or special animals) in oil on canvas, or watercolor on paper. Click here for details…


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