100 Words To Stimulate Creativity

When you’re stuck in your art, here’s a great way to stimulate your creativity. Or push you into new directions. Use this list of 100 words (fill in the purple form at the top right hand side to get your list of 100 words –>).

Close your eyes, breathe deeply and connect with your core. Then choose two numbers.

Look up those two numbers you chose and that’s what you have to paint.

For example, let’s say you chose numbers 70 and 56, your words would be: Obsession AND Sacrifice. Now paint that! Trust me, if you have taken the time to connect, you will either choose 2 words that are immediately meaningful to you, or the meaning/purpose of your choice will emerge as you paint. It is a way into your subconscious, or your soul. Try it, you’ll see. Just fill in the form in the purple box to the right and I’ll email the 100 Words to you.

Here’s a painting I did using this 100 Words Game. I had some friends over for some appies and what I call “Speed Painting”. We each had to choose 2 words and then we had to paint that – and I mean a finished painting – by the end of the evening (about 3 hours).

This is wonderful because there’s no time to think, no time to sketch it out, or for your head, doubts, self-talk etc. to get in the way. You’re there with your friends, it’s light, it’s fun and you just have to go for it.

My two words were number 9 – Breathe Again and number 32 – Expectations. And here’s what I painted. One more thing: I also decided to do this painting with my daughter in mind, so I used “her colors” as I would normally not paint in these colors – which is another great way to push yourself outside your normal box:


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